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Waterfront Festival of International Films Lavasa

Films and Film Festivals is an initiative of JSWM Productions 

Films and Film Festivals is a platform for the benefit of independent filmmakers, directors, media, distributors, producers, artists, entertainment professionals, models and event Managers to interact, create and benefit from various opportunities. 

JSWM Productions was established in 2010, JSWM Productions is a Content Creation, Aggregation and Production Company. With expertise in producing Motion Pictures, Television Software, Film Festivals and Special Projects, JSWM Productions is equipped to meet the content needs of both consumers and clients alike by providing customized solutions across segments. JSWM Productions aims at producing innovative and quality films through an efficient film making process, by integrating content production, distribution, tie-ups for festivals and exhibitions and broadcasting. Its deep understanding of the global audience, genres and markets has led to aiming at meaningful and commercially viable cinema products. Its corporate practices include adopting new systems and technologies, following transparent accounting practices, expanding entertainment markets, improving consumer connect through content, market research, and showcase social issues and concerns in the area of public interest